Tuesday, 10 August 2010

How Can God Die? (Acts 17 Apologetic's Claims are Debunked)

We post this response so Christians and Muslims can decide for themselves; who has the stronger arguments? Who has the Truth? The Muslims or the Christians?

We post BOTH sides of the argument. We are confident an individual of a sincere mindset will realise the Muslim position is the Truth. We also invite ALL to Islam.

So a Christian missionary group (acts 17 apologetics) attempted to convince Muslims to believe in a "man-god" and to preach their doctrines to Muislims. The Christian makes many absurd claims during the video; the purpose of the video was to correct the christian (David wood) on his claims. Here is a Muslim response (by Yahya Snow):


*The missionary claims Allah was in the fire (Quan 27:7-9). This is an unsupported claim. Discussed in the video. The missionary mentions this in order to convince Muslims of the Trinitarian Christian idea of a "man-god" (pagans were fond of "men-god" back in the days)

*The missionary also claims the Quran has two natures (physical and eternal). Muslims do not believe this. The missionary misunderstood the Muslim belief (deliberately?). The claim is debunked in the video.

*The video also highlights the fact that the missionary needs a bigger god. It points to the illogical nature of Christianity as well as the lack of reliability of Christian "proof-texts".

*The idea of God's love is discussed. In doing so we notice a contradiction within the Bible. We alos learn Allah is the Most Loving.

*The idea of God's Justice is discussed and we learn the god of Christianity is not just at all. Whilst Allah (God) is the Most Just.

*We also learn Jesus was praying to God (Allah) thus Jesus cannot possibly be God.

Here is Farhan's response to Acts 17 Apologetics (from the farhan00 channel):


Farhan begins with a stern rebuke of Acts 17 Aplogetics as he took umbrage to what he perceived to be dishonesty. You may be aware Nabeel Qureshi and his associates have been claiming Nabeel to be a former Muslim. Farhan states it is untrue as Nabeel was a former Ahmadi. (We invite Nabeel and his associates to be more honest in describing his former faith)

Farhan produces a fine general response and gives Christians real food for thought.

He considers it a downer for the Christian position to even claim God died; think about it - their belief does not follow logic. Acts 17 Apologetics are at loss in making the claim yet alone attempting a dubious support to their doctrine of God dying.

Here is Acts 17 Apologetics' original video (by David Wood):


David Wood attempts to utilize fallacious examples which he wrongly believed to be from Islamic theology in order to help Muslims relate to the doctrine of incarnation (idea of a man-god).

Wood uses the Gospel of John and does not teach us of the lack of reliabilty of the said Gospel.

Our general view is David Wood failed in his attempt to achieve his targets. We leave you to decide and we ask you to further your understanding of Islam:

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